IT Security

In the field of IT security, researchers from several departments at the h_da are working on issues of IT and information security. Currently, 13 professors are active in 4 working groups.

Working groups

The Applied Cyber Security Darmstadt ACSD working group, headed by Prof. Krauß and Prof. Wiesmaier, is focused on with the protection of IT systems and applications in the automotive, railway and computer network environment, embedded systems, IoT and Cloud.

The working group da/sec under the direction of Prof. Busch and Prof. Baier deals with biometrics and internet security. Current research topics of the group include person recognition by fingerprint or voice, attack detection and reaction in networks as well as digital forensics.

The working group User-Centered Security under the direction of Prof. Heinemann, Prof. Lange and Prof. Margraf investigates how secure software and IT systems can be designed and implemented by increasingly using methods of human-machine interaction.

The research group of Prof. Massoth develops mobile, secure and trustworthy telecommunication services for mutual authentication and identification of conversation participants. Results are brought to market maturity in the start-up AUTHADA.

In the AChord project, Prof. Schütte's research group is working on a secure end-to-end communication platform that works without central services (P2P) and is being developed according to the security by design principle.

Special interest group IT Security

The special interest group IT security coordinates the tasks in research, teaching and further education. Further information can be found on the web page of the department.

Study and teaching

With the Cooperative study programme IT-Security (KITS) as well as the compulsory course IT Security in the first semester of the bachelor's degree in Computer Science, the h_da sustainably strengthens teaching in this field.

Partner in research center ATHENE

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is member of the National Research Center for Applied Cybersecurity ATHENE in Darmstadt. It works closely with the TU Darmstadt, Fraunhofer SIT and Fraunhofer IGD as well as the Competence Center for Applied Security Technology (CAST) in various projects.