In 2012, the research focus on electromobility (fsemo) was founded at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. More than 25 professors from different faculties are represented here, who deal with electromobility and its numerous interfaces in research, teaching and further education.
The regular and interdisciplinary exchange enables a holistic approach to technical, planning, socio-economic, ecological and design issues of electromobility, which aims to optimise the overall system. In this way, the development of feasible and market-driven solutions for electromobility is sought and positively promoted across all stages of the value chain. The focus is particularly on the provision of renewable energies for mobility applications, the reduction of resource consumption and environmental pollution in the production and use of vehicles, intelligent networking via smart information and communication systems, and concepts for sustainable mobility behaviour.
The profile of fsemo is rounded off by numerous cooperations with universities, industry and politics. In the Sustainable Mobility Research Campus (FC3), fsemo and the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences work very intensively with the cooperation partners Rhine-Main University and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences as well as various partner companies.