impact - magazine for science and art

impact, the magazine for applied science and art, makes research and development projects of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences plastic and visible in text, images and film. In order to show how applied science and art work, the h_da's university communications department launched the online medium impact at the end of 2018. impact mostly presents projects in which h_da members seek, develop and put into practical use solutions for partners from the business world or renowned institutions. Many of the results that teachers, students and staff of h_da develop are directly relevant to current social, economic or ecological challenges. Part of this work is intended to make impact accessible to a wider audience.

Impact addresses the public interested in science with multimedia content. At the same time, the magazine offers teachers and staff at the h_da an opportunity to find out about the work of their colleagues - thus taking into account the increasingly interdisciplinary orientation of many activities at the h_da. Internal and external editors, photographers and filmmakers translate the scientific subjects into informative and entertaining articles: In-depth texts, high-quality photos and short film formats. The leitmotif of impact is "Science communication without jargon".