Science Prize of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

Since 2017, the Science Prize of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences has been awarded for outstanding achievements of the professors of the h-da. To do justice to the diversity and complexity of the scientific work at a university of applied sciences, the prize is awarded in three equal categories by an independent jury.

The Research category honours the research achievements of academics, in particular academic (specialist) contributions in written and spoken form and the training of doctoral students.

In the category Transfer, theaward honours scientists who work in a particularly application-oriented manner, contribute their expertise in a practical way and promote networking with companies.

The Outreach category honours scientists who have made a special contribution to the scientific community and/or made their results available to the public, thereby increasing the "visibility of the h_da".


Per category a prize is awarded , which is endowed with 4,000 €. The prize money can be used freely for research and teaching at the h_da. The awarding of the science prize takes place within the framework of the Research Day.


Assistant to the Vice President Research and Sustainable Development
Dr. Rebecca Hermkes


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