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European University of Technology reaches important milestones in Limassol

4 signed agreements, more than 50 workshops, 2 public debates, a common intranet-like tool and the launch of the new website: the conference of the initiative, European University of Technology“ (EUt+) from Sep 20 to Sep 24 brought important milestones in the common vision of the eight institutions of higher education. More than 100 participants met in Limassol, Cyprus, hosted by EUt+ partner, Cyprus University of Technology. Among the speakers there were the Director–General of the European Commission for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Mrs Themis Christophidou and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Cyprus, Ms. Annita Dimitriou.

More than 100 academic and non academic staff and students participated in the first large physical meeting since the pandemic. Besides the meetings of the Governing Board and of the Steering Committee, the programme revolved around meetings of the members of the  Work Packages focusing  mainly on education, mobility and communication.

Three types of meetings and events have taken place during the week: conferences, workshops and informal working sessions. More than 50 workshops to concretely build the European University of Technology have happened. Mixing nationalities, profiles and responsibilities, the meeting involved more than 100 participants of the 8 Work Packages and our semestrial Governing Board.

After an intense week’s work in Limassol, our eight rectors have signed four official agreements: the establishment of an International Common Office (ITCO), the establishment of a Common Erasmus Office, the establishment of the Student Board and the Memorandum of Agreement for the creation of EUt+ Bachelor in Engineering and Master in Engineering programmes. Therefore, all EUt+ partners have fostered internal engagement and accelerated the process of integration towards a new kind of university across European boarders.

Two public discussions were offered to all participants: 

  • “EUt+ : A beacon of equal opportunities for all” around the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ms. Annita Dimitriou, the Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights
  • “EUt+ : Boosting European Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (part of the EUtInno Project Kick-off) with the participation of the Deputy Minister for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Mr. Kyriakos Kokkinos and local business chiefs and CEOs

Our invited speakers have shared their thoughts and contributed in their own way to the vision of EUt+ .

The governing board members discussed mainlines and perspectives of EUt+ and the future of european education with the Director-General of the European Commission for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture Mrs Themis Christophidou.