Application periods and application procedure

Overview of application periods for the winter and summer semesters.
Procedure according to certificate, degree and admission type: Application procedure


impact – the magazine for applied sciences and art

impact, the magazine for applied sciences and art, employs text, imagery and film presentations to manifest research and development projects at Darmstadt University and render them lifelike and vivid.



1st EUT+ Conference on Languages

Language has the ability to impact and transform while itself being impacted and transformed. It is…

EUt+ language classes for staff

The EUt+ language departments and centers will offer online language courses for employees of EUt+…

Statistical Data Science Workshop

To foster collaboration within the EUt+ data science community, the Darmstadt Institute of…

Group consultation PROMOS scholarship

The group consultation is intended for all students who are planning a semester abroad overseas in…

Infotag: Auslandsaufenthalte (study abroad fair)

Interested in studying abroad during your h_da studies? 

At our study abroad fair in C23, Foyer (in…