FAQ on studying and teaching at the h_da during Covid-19

In the following we have compiled frequently asked questions and the currently valid answers regarding studies and teaching in a FAQ collection. We continually update the information provided on the h_da website and the FAQ - also on the basis of incoming enquiries. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we indicate the date of publication at the end of each answer of the FAQ. Please also actively inform yourself about the channels available to you, especially the websites of the departments.

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Last update of the FAQ:

13.01.2022: Negative Certificate, Teaching during the pandemic, Restricted Access on Campus, Individual increase of the standard period of study, Rules of conduct for controlling the pandemic, Covid-19-test-center, Examinations, Freshmen welcome events (“Erstsemesterveranstaltungen”), Teaching during the pandemic, winter semester 2020/21


Those entitled to BAföG should not suffer any disadvantages due to the effects of the coronavirus on university operations. The grant for studying will continue to be paid even if schools and universities are closed or entry to other countries is blocked. This was regulated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on March 16, 2020 in a decree addressed to the federal states that are implementing the law. Further information (German).

Responsible for questions regarding BAföG is the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt.

Status: 01.11.2021

Students can revalidate their CampusCard in accordance with the rules of hygiene on the Darmstadt Campus and Dieburg Campus. More Information here.

Note: For identification purposes, a valid identification document must always be carried along (identity card/passport/residence title).

Status: 01.11.2021

The canteens are limited open. Current information here.

Status: 12.05.2021

Should cases of infection occur at our university, the affected students are obliged to report it to the office of their department. Employees report their corona infection to their respective head of department or their deputy head; professors report their corona infection to their dean or vice-dean.

The person who receives this notification clarifies with the person concerned how to reach him/her by telephone and e-mail and informs the organisational unit Safety and Environment (pandemie@h-da.de).

Status: 25.11.2020

The current regulations on childcare, such as emergency care, use of parent-child rooms etc. can be found here (German).

Extension of processing deadlines due to childcare
For students who prove that they have to take care of their own children due to Corona-related childcare restrictions or school closures, the Examination Board will determine the processing times, deadlines and dates upon request, taking into account the circumstances of the individual case. This applies according to the special statutes (§ 8 sentence 1), which you can find in the download section in the right column.

Status: 01.11.2021

Teaching and learning achievements, examinations or organisational processes that require students to have access to the university are individually tested depending on the current infection rates. Please contact your department for information on the applicable regulations.

Compensation for disadvantages for the final thesis and the colloquium is regulated in the special statutes of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences for coping with the challenges in examinations posed by the coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. See download on the right.

Status: 01.11.2021

The university will offer self-testing center weekdays from 7:30 to 9 a.m. in Dieburg (BQZ / Career Center 1.013 in F01) for non-vaccinated student. There they can perform supervised, free self-tests. The monitoring is done by a contracted service provider who notes the result in an h_da-internal confirmation. In the event of a negative result, students may attend courses designated as 3G courses on the day in question.

The self-testing-center in Darmstadt is closed because the Covid-19-test-center for rapid tests in C20 is open again.

Status: 13.01.2022

For dual students who are in the theoretical phase, the same regulations apply as for students who regularly complete their studies. For dual students in the practical phases, individual regulations must be made. Questions from companies and students will be answered not only by the Dual Study Centre (“Duales Studienzentrum”) but also by the coordinators and lecturers for dual studies in the departments.

Department of Dual Study Programmes („Duales Studienzentrum“)

Status: 25.11.2020

Students who have exmatriculated at the end of the winter semester 2021/22 - either because they have completed their studies or for other reasons - can still take exams that had to be postponed due to corona at the beginning of the winter semester 2021/2022 (examination period until 14.02.2022.).

Students who took the additional examination period from 19.02.- 14.04.22 and did not pass the written exam can still re-register for the SoSe until 12.05.22 without a late fee.

Students who only need to take the written written exams from the 2021/2022 winter semester scheduled in the 2022 summer semester to graduate do not need to re-register for the 2022 summer semester.

The my.h-da self-service portal is still accessible for exmatriculated students until 180 days after exmatriculation. The CampusCard including the RMV semester ticket loses its validity with the exmatriculation at the end of the corresponding semester (31.03. or 30.09.).

For examinations since 01.11.2021, the current special statutes apply (linked on the right). Since 01.11.2021, compulsory registration of repeat examinations has been resumed. Withdrawal from exams is only possible in special cases. More information as well as further existing disadvantage compensations due to the pandemic can be found in the special statutes.

Examinations taken in the winter semester 2020/2021, in the summer semester 2021 or in the winter semester 2021/2022 which have not been passed or which have not been passed because they were missed and which can no longer be repeated are deemed not to have been taken, unless an attempt to deceive or another serious breach of examination regulations was the reason for the failure to pass the examination or several examinations within a module were definitively not passed.

See also Colloquia on Bachelor and Master theses, Oral supplementary examinations (MEP)

Status: 13.01.2022

In case of your own illness or quarantine, the processing period is suspended for the duration of the illness. According to § 16 Para. 2 of the General Examination Regulations of h_da (ABPO), the necessary evidence must be submitted to the examination board as usual. The same applies if, due to laboratory or facility closures, it is no longer possible to work on the topic of the final papers. The decision is made by the respective responsible examination committee. In comparable cases, it can also make a corresponding regulation in principle for a number of examination performances. Students can apply for the suspension of the deadline by e-mail (please only use the student h_da address) to the examiner. The decision on this is made by the examination board. The examination office will then book the new term if necessary. If the examination board has made a decision of principle (see above), the following applies: Students send the application directly by e-mail to the respective examination office.

Status: 01.11.2021

The Central Freshman Welcome (ZEB) "Premiere" for the winter semester took place virtually on 15.10.21. You can watch the "Premiere" here.

Otherwise, please contact your department for subject-specific questions.

See also: Winter semester 2021/2022

Status: 13.01.2022

The Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts has set a one-semester increase in the standard period of study for students enrolled in the summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/21, the summer semester 2021, and the winter semester 2021/22 who are on leave of absence. This change is noted on the study progress certificate, which students can download from my.h-da - My University Portal. For admission purposes (e.g. for applying for a Master's degree), the standard period of study stipulated in the BBPO ("Besondere Bestimmungen der Prüfungsordnung") is decisive. If you have any questions, please contact info@h-da.de.

Status: 12.01.2022

Internships during the course of studies should be subject to an individual risk assessment. If you have any questions regarding your internship, please contact your internship supervisor.

For further information or alternatives, please also refer to the special statutes of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt for the management of the challenges posed by the coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2 epidemic during exams, available on the right column of this page.

Status: 01.11.2021


The following student study rooms can be used under 3G regulations:

  • Central Library Darmstadt (information at https://bib.h-da.de/)
  • Partial Library Dieburg (information at https://bib.h-da.de/)
  • Learning rooms can also be used again in the departments if possible. Please contact your department for more information.

Status: 01.11.2021

The libraries have an extensive range of e-books, e-journals and databases. Information on how to access these media from home can be found here: E-Media in remote access and bib.h-da.de/recherche/.

Since the service on site has to be adapted due to the current situation, please check the library page for information about the current service during Covid-19.

Status: 11.11.2020

In all university buildings on university traffic areas, the mask obligation applies in the form of a medical mask (FFP2 mask). Failure to comply will result in a ban from the premises. For more information on the mask requirement, please refer to the "Mask Requirement" fact sheet in the Corona Handbook.

Status: 24.11.2021

Negative proof in the form of an official test is required for participation in courses (1G-rule). An exception to the test requirement applies only to persons who can show proof of booster vaccination. This will be checked in each course.

Nevative proof is required on campus (3G-rule). Negative proof is one of the following in each case:

    A vaccination certificate
    A convalescent certificate
    A recent negative test (24h)

In addition to negative proof, you must have personal identification (ID, passport, driver's license, or similar) with you.

If students are found without being able or willing to present negative proof, it is a violation of the university's house rules. This person will be banned from the premises for one week; a repeat case will have serious consequences. Random checks of 3G will be made by an external service provider or the respective instructor. These persons have the domiciliary rights and the authority to expel persons who cannot provide negative proof. The same applies to compliance with the FFP2 mask requirement.

See also: teaching during the pandemic; Covid-test-center; vaccination certificate.

Status: 13.01.2022

Oral supplementary examinations (MEP) will be set again by the university starting with examinations for the winter semester 2021/2022. MEP's will be conducted in attendance in compliance with the attendance, spacing and hygiene rules. The presidium can set the 3G-regulation.
Further details can be found in the special statute of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences to cope with the challenges posed by the Coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2 epidemic (available on the right column of this page). Please also check with your department for applicable regulations.

Status: 01.11.2021

Due to the corona virus, however, the internship may call for home office, short-time work, closure or similar at short notice. It is also possible that you as an intern prefer to or have to interrupt the practical semester for health reasons or change the institution - e.g. because you yourself belong to a risk group or because there is a demonstrably infected person in your immediate working environment. If one of these cases occurs, please contact the person responsible for your practical semester in the department immediately.

Before you cancel your internship semester, please check other options with the particular institution/company and the person responsible in your department - e.g. home office or postponement of your internship. If it is necessary to cancel, please have the said institution/company certify the parts of the internship you have completed to date and the reason for cancelling it. The examination board decides on the recognition of the completed parts of the internship and its continuation. If you have any questions regarding your practice semester, please contact your department.

If you have any questions regarding the practical semester, please contact the responsible person in your department.

Compensation for disadvantages during the practical semester is regulated in the special statutes of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences for coping with the challenges in examinations posed by the coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. See download on the right.

Status: 25.11.2020

Restricted Access on Campus

3G is in effect on the entire campus of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. The corresponding proof is controlled randomly. Failure to comply will result in a ban from the premises.

Effective immediately, the no-entry policy for contacts with a covid-19-positive-person is in effect for the first seven days regardless of vaccination or convalescent status. Contact persons who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered and are free of symptoms of illness may return to the university from the seventh day after the last contact with an increased risk of infection if they provide proof of protective status from the Safety and Environment Department (pandemie@h-da.de) and take a covid-19-test before each access to the university for a further seven days. The test must be no more than 24 hours old at the time of each entry.

Status: 11.01.2022

Everyone can contribute to reducing the risk of infection. In order to reduce the risk of corona virus infection on campus, the following rules apply at h_da:

  • A FFP2-mask must be worn on the entire h_da campus - inside and outside the buildings. This mask obligation also applies in face-to-face sessions. Employees may only remove the mouth-and-nose protection after taking up their own permanent workplace.  
  • Reduce your contacts!
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters to other persons!
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly!
  • Maintain the coughing and sneezing etiquette!

If possible, organize all communication opportunities (working and learning groups) in virtual rooms that we have set up for this purpose at the h_da.

All current and binding virus protection instructions and the hygiene concept of the h_da are stored in the IMS and are binding instructions for all members and guests of the h_da.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of these rules, please contact the safety officer Andreas Seeberg. You can also use the function address.

Status: 13.01.2022

You can find all the latest information on the topic of semesters abroad on the website of the International Office.

The compensation for disadvantages during the semester abroad is regulated in the special statutes of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences for coping with the challenges in examinations posed by the coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. See download on the right.

Status: 01.11.2021

The Student Service Center (SSC) has replaced all office hours with telephone consultation hours.

Help desk hours and further information.

Students can also contact the SSC by e-mail: info@h-da.de

The student advisory service offers extended telephone consultation hours and telephone counselling. Further information:


Status: 02.07.2021

Teaching during the pandemic

The campus is open again for students in the winter semester. Teaching takes place partly digitally and partly in presence ("transition semester": https://h-da.de/slider-meldung-single/wintersemester-alle-studierenden-sollen-wieder-an-den-campus-kommen-koennen in German).

For courses a negative proof (1G - a negativ covid-19-test) is a prerequisite for attendance. The exception is booster vaccination.

In addition, please check with your department for applicable regulations.

See also: Covid-19-test-center

Status: 11.01.2022

Proof of a complete vaccination can be, for example, the digital receipt in the app COV PASS, the official official EU document with the confirmation of the second vaccination date (EU vaccination certificate) or the corresponding entries in the yellow vaccination certificate.

Those who have come to study in Darmstadt from abroad and have already been vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in your home country are usually not able to present these documents. The university will prepare an internal confirmation for you, which you can show upon request, regardless of which vaccine you were vaccinated with. Requirements for this are:

  •   Presentation of a (legible) of the vaccination certificate from your home country. (Legible means: at least in English).
  •     Number of vaccinations: At least 2.
  •     Distance to the last vaccination: at least 2 weeks.
  •     Presentation of a student ID.

You can get this internal certificate at the Department of Safety and Environment (Building A20, Berliner Allee 49, left entrance, OG1) at the following times:

  •     Mon, 10:00h - 11:30h
  •     Wed, 10:30h - 12:00h
  •     Wed, 15:30h - 17:00h
  •     Fri, 11:00h - 12:30h

Please note that this certificate is only valid within Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences!

Status: 26.10.21

The winter semester 2021/2022 will take place from 01.10.2021 until 31.03.2022. The lecture period and the courses will take place from 18.10.2021 to 18.02.2022.

The winter semester is planned as a transition semester, i.e. as far as possible every student should come back to the university for certain events on site. Both face-to-face and online courses will take place. The current rules of conduct in the pandemic apply.

see also: First semester events, teaching during the pandemic, vaccination offer, vaccination certificate, negative certificate

Status: 13.01.2022



Are you missing an important question/answer regarding studies and teaching under the changed conditions caused by the pandemic? Do you see discrepancies, do you have any suggestions? Then please write to us:praesenzfrei@h-da.de

Motivation problems, overload, loneliness?

Online studies can be accompanied by a variety of challenges. To provide support, the Student Advisory Service now offers an additional telephone consultation hour on Thursdays from 3 to 5 pm.


Do you have questions about studying at or applying to h_da? The Student Service Center (SSC) will provide you with answers - also regarding changed procedures due to the corona virus.

Information on organisational issues
e-mail: info@h-da.de


The Hochschulzentrum für Studienerfolg und Berufsstart (HSB) offers a Moodle course "Presence-free teaching - teaching in times of Corona" including FAQ and a communication forum for teachers, which is constantly updated.

Special statue

Here you can find the special statute of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences for the management of the challenges in examinations posed by the coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. Please notice: Only the current German version ("Weitere Satzungen") is legally binding.