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War in Ukraine

Together with all other Hessian universities of applied sciences and universities, we condemn the Russian military's invasion of Ukraine and offer support to Ukrainian students and teachers. We have sent this message in a joint press release. We stand by it in full.

We are in great concern for the people in the embattled areas in Ukraine. They are currently having to endure an unimaginable threat and burden. In particular, our thoughts are with the students and employees at the "Uzhgorod National University". This university in western Ukraine is a partner institution of the h_da.

Nobody knows how long the refugees from Ukraine will not be able to return to their home country. For the students and teachers from Ukraine who are seeking protection from the war in Germany, we want to help make it possible for them to continue their studies or academic work. In addition, we are also looking into short-term assistance to support them.

Information for Students and Interested Students

Support for refugees

The Studierendenwerk Darmstadt also offers help at the Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre.


Information for scientists

Funding opportunities for visiting academics h_da

How you can finance your teaching stay as a visiting scholar: h_da funding programmes or external funding.


Visiting Research Programme of the Volkswagen Foundation

Here you can find the Volkswagen Foundation's guest research programme for Ukrainian academics who have fled.


Ways to help

Due to the dramatic situation in Ukraine, many associations, groups of friends and institutions have joined the action committee "Solidarity with Ukraine" that has now been formed under the patronage of the Lord Mayor of Darmstadt, Jochen Partsch, and under the leadership of the PDUM Partnership Germany-Ukraine/Moldova e.V. - including the original group of friends of Darmstadt's twin towns.

For urgently needed medicines and other relief supplies, which will be brought to Uzhgorod on a voluntary basis and as quickly as possible, we ask for your donation to the following account

PDUM Partnership Germany-Ukraine/Moldova e.V.
DE46 5089 0000 952206
Volksbank Darmstadt-Südhessen eG
stating the keyword "Hilfe für Uzhgorod" (help for Uzhgorod)

The Original Freundeskreis der Twinnstädte Darmstadts is grateful for the provision of accommodation. Contact originalfreundeskreis@web.de with details of number of people, rooms, sanitary facilities, cooking or catering facilities, address, etc.Accommodation possibilities


As part of the initial reception of refugees from Ukraine in Hesse, the World University Service (WUS) is looking for students from Ukraine who would be willing to interpret.

Find out more in the application form of the World University Service (in german).

In Russia, our partners include the Russian Social University in Moscow and the Ulyanovsk Technical University. In the current situation, the further development of our partnership relations is naturally at a standstill. However, we are keeping the channels of communication open. Of course, for security reasons, we advise our university members against travelling to Ukraine and Russia.

Basically, we distinguish between the military aggression of the Russian government and its military on the one hand and the signals from Russian civil society, including above all from the Russian cultural and academic landscape on the other. The anti-war protests in Russia strengthen us in this stance.

The same applies all the more to the view of our students and other university members from Russia, Belarus or Chechnya. As a university, we are committed to liberality, democracy and freedom of expression. We therefore see every person as an individual, with their own capacity for knowledge and opinion, regardless of nationality.

We therefore expressly welcome the fact that a group of Russian, Belarusian and students of other nationalities have clearly spoken out against the invasion of Ukraine in an open letter.