Social Work

6 semesters
winter semester
With admission restriction.

Our society finds itself in a constant state of flux, accompanied by the various challenges and opportunities this causes. Youth work, family support, addiction counselling and intercultural initiatives are merely a selection of the fields encompassed by ‘social work’, within which the demand for qualified professionals is intense, during 2015, social workers counted amongst the academics most in demand. Our students are taught how to recognize the difficult and complex social and individual circumstances people are in, then analyse and comprehend these from a professional perspective. A broad scientific knowledge of theoretical and methodological insights, coupled with social skills, will enable you to draft effective strategies aimed at helping people to lead a socially-integrated, yet self-determined (and thus ‘happy’) life. Graduating from the social work degree course as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) qualifies students to work together in relationships with their clients, as well as for administrative-organisational activities in social facilities. Further information on the course is available at the website of the Faculty of Social Work.

Graduates of a ‘Social Work’ (B.A.) degree course have a very broad field to choose from (a selection):

  • Family or debt counselling.
  • Drug advice, street work, youth work.
  • Adult further education, child-raising support.
  • Support for people with disabilities.
  • Social-educational family support / support for the elderly.
  • Pre-primary education, school-based social work, media education.
  • Location-based/mobile youth support, probationary services.

Building on the Bachelor's degree, the following Master's programmes are possible:

Social Work: Critically reflective and empirical approaches (Master's degree)

Qualifications and skills requisite for this field of practice are conveyed by the Bachelor’s degree modules during lectures and seminars, project work or excursions. A detailed description of the degree course programme is presented in the module manual (German). A Bachelor’s degree enables graduates to take up professional work, and also permits them to apply for a Master’s degree course (see graphics). 


A Social Work degree course (B.A.) is limited admission (n.c.). The following school-leaving qualifications, among others, are valid as admission prerequisites:

  • General higher education entrance qualification.
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification, valid in Hesse.
  • An advanced technical college qualification acknowledged as an equivalent preparatory education be the Hessian Minister of Education and the Arts
  • An advanced technical college certificate, valid in Hesse.
  • A certified university entrance exam for people with vocational qualifications.
  • A master’s certificate, as well as comparable certification of an advance vocational further training.

A detailed description of the admission prerequisites can be found in the Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German).

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