Business Administration (M.Sc.)

4 semesters
winter semester/ summer semester

The study programme leads to a deepening and broadening of subject and methodological competence on the basis of an extended scientific foundation. The study programme already starts in the first semester with specialisation subjects, which you select in advance to be able to explore with regard to the specialisation in the second semester. The specialisations are finally selected in the second semester. The specialisations address topics that are of central importance for internationally operating and dynamically developing companies:

  • Financial Leadership
  • Information Management
  • New Media Marketing
  • Logistics

In the specialisation areas, knowledge transfer and knowledge application for solving practical problems are practised in implementation-oriented course types, such as project work and seminars, and problem-related knowledge acquisition is promoted in self-study. More detailed information on the degree programme can be found on the website of the Faculty of Economics.

The Master's programme qualifies students for demanding professional activities in the field of business administration - especially in the field of the chosen specialisation - and makes worldwide employability possible. Activities in the context of application-oriented research and development are included. The Master's degree qualifies students in a special way for work in a managerial position and opens up access to the higher civil service. At the same time, it creates the prerequisites for a doctorate.


Qualifications and competences for these fields of activity are provided by the modules of the Master's study programme in Business Administration. These teaching and learning units can include courses or project work. The illustration on the right provides an overview. A detailed presentation of the study contents can be found in the module manual (german).

The admission requirement for the consecutive Master's programme is an above-average degree (Bachelor's degree, diploma or state examination) in economics or in a related field. Applicants with non-economics degrees can be admitted if they can prove sufficient knowledge of business administration basics. Any gaps in qualifications can be compensated for by successful participation in bridge courses. The bridge courses are offered by the Department of Economics. A detailed description of the admission requirements can be found in the Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German) as well as in the Admission Regulations (German).


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