Electrical Engineering (Distance learning programme)

Standard period of study 4/6 Semester
winter semester/ summer semester

With a distance learning course to the Master of Science in electrical engineering

With the career-integrated study programme in electrical engineering, graduates with a corresponding degree have the opportunity to update their knowledge while working and to acquire the internationally recognised Master's title.

With the two specialisation options Automation Technology and Microelectronics and Power Engineering, we primarily address young professionals and experienced engineers.

The course of study comprises 6 semesters. The modules can also be taken individually. Individual certificates are awarded for their successful completion.

The costs are 2,200 EUR per semester plus a semester fee of about 120 EUR. A participation fee of 1,400 EUR is charged for attending one module of the course.

The career-integratedmaster's programme is accredited by the accreditation agency ZEvA.

Admission criteria

The admission requirements are

  • a relevant higher education diploma or a relevant bachelor's or recognised equivalent degree in an accredited study programme and, in addition
  • at least one year's professional experience after completing the first degree.

Relevant are degrees in electrical engineering, mechatronics and technical informatics or related courses of study, if the electrical engineering part is considered sufficient in the course of an individual examination, which also includes professional experience.


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64295 Darmstadt
Office: D17, 203



After achieving a master's degree, it is possible to do a doctorate. The central contact point is the graduate school.