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Nowadays, sounds, soundscapes and music are irreplaceable features in any media production. Whether in films, games or websites: music, sound design and/or vocal recordings are universally embedded. Traditional audio-media fields are expanding and developing  at a rapid pace, on the internet in particular, and our seven semester ‘Sound and Music Production’ Bachelor’s degree course permits and encourages students to participate in this transition – by acquiring  the requisite interdisciplinary and practical scientific-technical, acoustic, artistic and musical competencies. The degree course is taught in German. Further information is available at the website of the Faculty of Media.

Graduates of this degree course generally work in media production fields, primarily in creative, technical or development positions. For example, in music productions, sound engineering for TV and film, game design, advertising agencies, live performances, radio broadcasting or media stagings for museums and theatre. 

A Bachelor’s degree graduation can then be expanded upon by enrolling for one of the following Master’s degree programmes:

Expanded Media - Master of Arts / main focus: Expanded Sound & Music

During the first two semesters, the course conveys the technical and acoustic foundations of sound design and music production. At the same time, the students work together in small teams on their first joint, self-developed projects. This project-oriented approach is then expanded upon during the following semesters, whereby the students team-up together to work on complex themes from every field of algorithmic/digital sound-processing, along with music and sound-design productions. These projects all meet the requirements of professional quality and workflow standards. Moreover, separate theoretical events and mandatory elective courses provide students with opportunities to enrich their studies by exploring key aspects of their own personal fields of interest. A detailed description of the degree course curriculum is available in the module manual (German).

One prerequisite for this Bachelor’s degree course is an advanced technical college certificate. Another key aspect of the selection procedure is a certified aptitude test, which consists of a practical test and an interview. The degree course curriculum also presupposes candidates have an inspired affinity with music and audio production. Whilst being proficient on an instrument, or being an active member of a band, are not specific requirements – they would most certainly make your study load all that brighter and lighter.

A detailed description of the admission requirements can be found in the Special Provisions of the Examination Regulations (German) and in the Aptitude Test Statutes (special statutes due to the covid 19 pandemic) (German).

Advice from a student
Quang Dat Pham

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