Studies commencement

Greeting of the President

The President of the h_da welcomes the students in the summer semester 2021

Welcome to the h_da!

In spite of the current circumstances, and the restrictions under which we all suffer in our everyday, public  lives – measures that are necessary to contain the pandemic – we are so pleased to be able to enrol new students for the summer semester 2021! We have gathered the initial, most important pieces of information for the commencement of study courses to be presented here on this page.


Studying during the pandemic

  • Important pandemic-related information, and the current regulations and stipulations these give rise to, are available at the FAQ on Studying and seminars. 

Your first steps as a student

  1. Activate your student account at the h_da. Afterwards, among other things, you can print out all of your study certificates (including any BaföG certificates) and receipts via the QIS self-service function. Here you will find the relevant information and tutorials (German).
  2. Test your access to your student email account, which you should log onto and check regularly for important notifications within your faculty. The university will use this email address exclusively to communicate with you.
  3. Find out where the various points of contact for study course issues (German) are. 
  4. Find out about ways to finance study courses (German).
  1. Find out more about the learning platform ‘Moodle’, which you can register with via your h_da account.

Every student should be aware of these service facilities

Additional Information


Student advisory service

Telephone consultation
















Virtual campus tour

A virtual visit to the campus is now also possible.