Digital communication and media innovation

The Research Center Digital Communication and Media Innovation (fz dkmi) researches new content, formats and communication strategies, the effective and responsible use of data and sustainable learning processes. Application references are systematically investigated and linked multilaterally (Future of Communications), firstly at the level of social communication and interaction (journalism, civil society, culture), secondly at the level of organisations (companies, NGOs) and thirdly at the individual level (web literacy, lifelong learning, usability).

The DKMI's goal is to establish itself as a think tank and experimental laboratory by using new research methods and developing examples of implementation, and to develop into a sparring partner for social and economic actors and to accompany transformation processes.


Sprecher des Forschungszentrums
Prof. Dr. Thomas Pleil


Koordinatorin des Forschungszentrums
Rita Vas-Deuschel