Research Topics

Research at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences focuses on current issues relating to changes in society and the economy, new paths in training, education and science, and technical and ecological challenges. It has three overarching priorities, all of which relate to issues of sustainable development.

The research area combines topics of applied computer science for the use of intelligent technologies with a special focus on IT security as well as knowledge preservation and information evaluation to accompany the digital change in economy and society.

Research is being conducted on sustainable mobility and renewable energy, reduction of resource consumption and environmental pollution, intelligent networking and energy supply as well as on concepts for sustainable mobility behaviour and the realisation of the energy turnaround.

The focus is on research into sustainability in production and manufacturing with special consideration of sustainable ecological use of resources as well as intelligent production and value creation in connection with the requirements of Industry 4.0.


Vice President Research and Sustainable Development
Vizepräsidentin h-da Nicole Saenger