Research department

In order to promote research and development and to support the scientists, support is offered in all aspects - from the planning of a research project and administrative support to a comprehensive offer for the integration of young scientists. For this purpose, the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences offers various internal university facilities and funding measures.

The Service Center Research and Transfer (SFT) offers support for publicly funded research projects and projects in the field of contract research and scientific services as well as for knowledge and technology transfer. It serves as an interface between scientific and administrative staff and the various organisational units of the university as well as with institutions, authorities and the economy and supports its internal and external partners in the field of research, development and transfer.

As the central scientific institution of the h_da, the Center for Research and Development (ZFE) supports the research-related activities as a representation of the interests of the h_da researchers. It is dedicated to the maintenance and promotion of research and development at the university and organises the university's internal research funding.

The Graduate School of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (GSD) serves to support young scientists and is the central contact point for all aspects of doctoral studies at h_da.


Vice President Research and Sustainable Development
Vizepräsidentin h-da Nicole Saenger


Management Servicezentrum Forschung und Transfer
Prof. Dr. Thomas Döring


Management Graduiertenschule
Dr. Janina Fengel