Research centres at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

Research structure funding at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences serves to establish and expand long-term effective research and doctoral structures. The funding is financed proportionately by the State of Hesse and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. The State of Hesse has made funds available for this purpose from the innovation and structural development budget as part of its agreement on objectives 2016-2020 with Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. This funding provides a basis for research strategy development and its long-term implementation.

The organization and processing of this funding is carried out by the Center for Research and Development. In addition to accompanying measures to support research and development activities, support is provided in particular for research-related networking and the formation of research topic clusters. So far, four profile-forming research centres have been established.

In the Research Center for Applied Computer Science (fz ai), researchers from five departments work together on interdisciplinary issues in applied computer science as an interface between basic research and practical application.

In the Research Center Digital Communication and Media Innovation (fz dkmi), the participants contribute expertise in the most diverse fields of media and especially digital communication. To this end, engineering, social and societal science research traditions come together.

The Research Center Materials and Process Technology (fz mpt) consists of researchers from several disciplines and scientific fields who want to answer pressing current questions on resource efficiency.

The topics of the Research Center Sustainable Processes and Procedures (fz npv) are interdisciplinary in nature. At least two disciplines are involved in each case to address specific problem areas with appropriate research approaches and methods with the aim of developing holistic research and development concepts.


Vizepräsidentin Forschung und nachhaltige Entwicklung
Vizepräsidentin h-da Nicole Saenger


Managing Director Center for Research and Development
Dr. Janina Fengel