Sustainability initiatives

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the State of Hesse are funding the transfer project System Innovation for Sustainable Development - Transfer as a Learning Project in the Region (s:ne) as part of the Federal-Länder Initiative "Innovative University".
s:ne aims to establish processes towards sustainable development in the region. Such processes depend on technical, economic, socio-cultural and institutional changes that are mutually dependent and reinforce each other. To this end, the project is building a learning system in which the actors pool their knowledge and jointly search for creative solutions for sustainable development in the region.

The Sustainable Development Initiative (i:ne) at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences works in an interdisciplinary way and involves the various actors from the university, business, administration and civil society; i:ne places the social challenges associated with sustainable development (SD) in larger systemic contexts, expands the respective perspectives and exposes competing concerns. Smaller project groups take care of courses (including the lecture series which always takes place in the winter semester), set up activities in climate and environmental protection and develop joint teaching and research projects. 


Systeminnovation für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (s:ne)

Projekt "Innovative Hochschule"

Holzhofallee 36 B
64295 Darmstadt

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