Knowledge and Technology Transfer

The transfer of knowledge and technology at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is the third main pillar alongside teaching and research.
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences places great value on sustainable cooperation with companies, institutions, politics and society. It is aware of the importance of these partnerships for exchange and transfer within the (regional) innovation system as well as for application-oriented research and academic training. SFT and ZFE support researchers in initiating and implementing transfer measures and in exploiting the results of R&D projects. As transfer channels and thus forms of exchange of knowledge and technologies are available:

  • Transfer of information: through formal and informal exchange between people from science, companies and institutions, for example at conferences, in networks, in laboratory discussions, through advisory services or cooperation in the training, further education and continuing education of specialists and managers
  • Transfer via cooperation: cooperative research and development projects, contract research, scientific services, laboratory and equipment use, feasibility studies or expert opinions
  • Transfer via heads: student internships, completion of theses, doctorates, endowed professorships, mobility of researchers between science and practice
  • Transfer via intellectual property rights: licence agreements, sale of patents
  • Transfer via spin-offs: Spin-off foundations, affiliated institutes

Together with companies, institutions and network partners - especially from the region - the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences creates opportunities for getting to know each other personally, working out joint research topics and planning cooperation projects together. Companies and institutions have the opportunity to contribute their interests and expectations to the orientation of knowledge and technology transfer.