Students: Join us!

We are building the university of the future - and we want it to be European through and through: Not only because it is supported by eight universities from all over Europe, but above all because it is based on European values. Students are involved in the „European University of Technology“ from the very beginning. They have a voice in the decision-making and design process, because the main objective of EUt+ is to make it beneficial for them.

  • European study programs with interdisciplinary content
  • Easy recognition of credits earned abroad
  • Study and doctoral programs with an international focus
  • More opportunities to learn foreign languages
  • Openness to the world and inclusion

But ambitious projects like EUt+ need committed supporters! Here are some ways to get involved:

  • The members of the „EUt+ Student Board“ are the link between their fellow students and EUt+. Those Students are usually members of the local student committees/unions or at least work closely together with them (in the case of h_da via the AStA).
  • Student representatives have permanent seats and voting rights on the Governing Board. All important decisions of the initiative are made there. In addition, they are also represented in the „Steering Committee“ to participate in the coordination.
  • Teaching projects: More and more exciting collaborations are emerging that are directly integrated into the curriculum. Examples from the past are the lecture series „European Identities“ or the intercultural blog „DaCaDu“.

Interested? Then speak to the EUt+ student representatives of h_da or contact the Student Board directly (in English).

Your contact persons at h_da are Samir Pangeni and Sascha Wellmann (right).