European University of Technology

Based on the idea of the French President Emmanuel Macron, the European Commission has launched the European Universities Initiative in 2017 to promote excellence, innovation and inclusion in higher education across Europe. It is a strong vision for Europe: several universities from different EU countries form a network of European universities where students study in different countries and languages. In 2018, the alliance the name "European University of Technology (EUt+)" was created. Together with its seven partners

  • Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)
  • Technical University Cluj Napoca (Romania)
  • Cyprus Technical University (Cyprus)
  • Technological University Dublin (Ireland)
  • Technical University Riga (Latvia)
  • Technical University Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Université de Technologie Troyes (France)

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences works towards a European University. The acronym EUt+ uses the plus sign to illustrate its motto "Think Human First". In keeping with the Greek origin of the term, technology should not be understood as a technical artefact, but rather as a word made up of tech-né (τέχνη) and logos (λόγος), which encompasses both science in general and art, and precisely reason in the sense of assessing opportunities and risks - the way in which social and technological developments are viewed.

The aim of the alliance is to be one of the first technology-oriented European universities to contribute to the further integration of Europe. In the areas of teaching, research and third mission, cooperation between the partners is strengthened and intensified on all levels.

Technical University of Sofia

Cyprus University of Technology

Politechnical University of Cartagena

Technical Univeristy of Cluj-Napoca

Technological University Dublin

Riga Technical University

University of Technology of Troyes

European University of Technology - EUt+

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